Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rainy Day Sunday

Sorry folks, nothing but rain to show today...

Not only that, but I just checked my Weather Channel app and it says it is currently 50 degrees! 
I feel like it's November.
Plus, there's 100 % chance of rain tomorrow with a high of 49 degrees. Yeah us!

But on a good note, it's Sunday which means our traditional breakfast/brunch of pancakes and bacon!

Nick brought bacon from Pittsburgh's downtown Thursday Farmer's Market so we decided to give it a try....

I had to guess at teaspoon/tablespoon measurements since we don't have measuring spoons but the pancakes turned out alright, not my best though.  We're not sure about the bacon, it was very thick and not too tasty, we were very surprised by the lack of saltiness.

That's all the pics for today :/.

Come back to read about tomorrow's adventures! I'm cleaning (because of the 100 % chance of rain),, doing laundry (again, the damn rain) and trying our the VLS gym.  But you'll get to see pics of the South Royalton bank because I need change for our coin operated washer and dryer.  ( I know, right?)

Love and miss you all.
Nick and Christina

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Super Saturday!

Today was a good day for golf!
We golfed at Woodstock Inn and Resort (a Robert Trent Jones course).

Driving range for 30 minutes...

 (on the right)
Then we had your normal, RTJ course of lots of sand and water. Lots o' sand.

Yes, that's a broken tee folks...booyah.

Nick's best shot of the day!!

This is me in my Tiger Woods red and finger tape...booyah #2.

Very pretty course but narrow and not quite what I expected for the price.

For dinner we ended up stopping at Worthy Burger's mother ship Worthy Kitchen in the town of Woodstock..who knew?

I mean, check out the local farmers list, amazing, you know where all of your food is coming from!!

I had a brisket melt and Nick had the Worthy Bomb.  A Worthy Bomb consisted of a double burger with a piece of fried chicken in the joke!!

His bomb is the one with the lettuce.
We had a bottle of wine with a very catchy and familiar phrase, Horseshoes and Handgrenades.

Loved the label!  Yes, we are label wine buyers.

We then decided to drive back into Woodstock (beautiful, beautiful town) to have a drink at Bentley's. 

Very old building, 1867, was a hotel, burnt in a fire, rebuilt into another building, not a hotel (pictured above).  Very cool place, TALL drinks, but we paid for the tallness.  For an extra 10 dollars, we could have "spun the wheel" but we passed, spinning the wheel was not in the budget.

Now the hot, hot, hot sticky day is done, I had half of a cold and salty pickle (even though I'm not hungry at all, they're just THAT good) and I'm posting the total scores for golf decide who won :).

Friday, May 29, 2015

Funday Friday!

I also bought homemade lavender bath salts and peppermint lip balm at the Farmer's Market yesterday.

The salts smell heavenly!
The super salty pickles I bought were even better today, they are absolutely amazing after spending the day in the fridge.

Here's my two favorite spots in South Royalton:

1.  The library

The library is beautiful, plus it has AC!!

Yes, it's a stack of books!
I haven't read a "book" book since I got my Kindle years ago and I thought, why not check a few books out?  My favorite author right now is Sarah Strohmeyer, she's super funny and quirky with her writing.  I've read about a character making a dieting pact with her friends and the current read is about a character with debt and is pinching pennies....who can't relate to those two topics?

My number 2 favorite spot is the river that's under the bridge driving into South Royalton.

As you can see, there's a semi-beach area.  I spent my entire day there!
And I loved every minute of it....

Yes, that is a super healthy turkey sandwich right there folks!
Not a bad way to spend lunch time.

I took a quick video so everyone can hear the waters....

I did get in a few times but the water was cold, cold, cold! But worth it!  

Dinner tonight is dedicated to our friends Tracy and Dan....taco night!

An all time fav!  And yes Tracy, I got two box tops out of the meal :).  Tossed a few chili pepper flakes in the with the seasoning, pretty darn good meal.

Have you ever tried opening a can of refried beans without a can opener?? Not fun.

Here's our selfie after dinner, we've eaten outside every night!

(I did get a lot of sun after spending 5 hours in it!)

Come back to read about our golfing adventure tomorrow at Woodstock Inn and Resort!

Love and miss you all!
Nick and Christina

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday, May 28th

To start, I have to post pics of last night's sunset after the blog post yesterday...

complete with a rainbow!

As promised here's the inside of our house:

The island in the kitchen is the perfect size.  We added the shower curtain and bathmat.  Thank God!  There is some weird grimy soot outside all over the place here and since we have an older house, it's all over the old bathroom floor...nowhere else, really, just the bathroom floor.
One addition is a box fan in the bedroom, had to have it.  

Today's shopping is compliments of the Thursday farmer's market.

The Salty Dog Pickles are by far THE best salty pickles I have ever had. They are absolutely amazing.  I don't eat tomatoes, but the green tomatoes in the first jar above were so good, I cut them up in tonight's salad and ate every one of them.

I know, right? The above looks like alien babies.  It's actually ferns before they sprout! It's like a big thing here, they're called fiddleheads.  Nick tried one and spit it out!  (He eats anything and everything, I have never seen him spit any food out at all!) He said it tasted like grass.

I also bought some homemade lavender bath salts and peppermint lip balm.  They both smell heavenly!

I had such a hard day folks...spent the morning picking up some necessities with another exploratory walk where I found the Vermont Law School gym, yeah me!  It was free since Nick pays for tuition to be a student here so why not? As I was walking through one of the buildings on campus to get this membership, I saw Nick in class...he sits in the front row people! 
Front row, no joke, saw it for myself.  

This afternoon we sat inside in the air conditioning of a tavern and drank craft beer and found out about some of the best golf courses in the area.  We are actually golfing Saturday at noon so we'll have plenty of pics to post!!

Here's tonight lean and mean dinner! Pork loin (seasoned by me :) ) and this awesome microwavable side dish of couscous and spinach.  It's our new favorite.

Come back tomorrow to see pics of my new favorite hot spot!
Nick and Christina