Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We Have Arrived!

So happy we are finally here in South Royalton, VT!  It took us 9 and 1/2 hours to get here on Saturday and we couldn't have asked for better traveling weather.  Here's the first official picture announcing our arrival!

(Yes, I was driving when I capture the picture, sorry Dad.)
Here's two quick videos of the drive into town/campus.  Make sure to look for the Vermont Law School sign!
The next picture is the house where we're renting the first floor.  We were told it's the oldest house in South Royalton at over 100 years old.
The landlady, Linc and her son, Jai were waiting for us when we got to the house so no worries there.  They seem to be great people and they informed us they were having a yard sale on Sunday!  By the time we unloaded cars, neither one of us were cooking so we headed over to a local restaurant called Worthy Burger.  This restaurant is located not even a block from us so we walked. 

It looks like a barn, right?  This restaurant serves 100% grass feed beef burgers (mandatory pink in the middle) and has numerous craft beers to offer.  When I say numerous, I'm meaning more than 20 and here I was worried about getting alcohol around this town!  We crashed early without sampling a burger but I'm sure we will before too long.  Here's a pic of the local atmosphere inside Worthy Burger.
I had to take pictures of what the yard sale looked like on Sunday, I know you're thinking, ok, enough already, but I couldn't resist! I mean take a look at what they were selling!!
See that bus? Could've been ours for 7,000 dollars!  And yes that is a kickboxing dummy in the background.
After scavenging the yard sale on Sunday, we decided to take a walk around town.  The weather has been amazing here so far!


The pictures of the monuments are in the town center which is actually a park.

The shops pictured above are really small but amazing just the same.  There's a local market is actually a cooperative market which has selections of organic and locally grown or made foods.

Yes, this is actually homemade Kombucha (fermented tea).  (Audra if you're reading this, you would have loved it!)  I did taste a sample and it tasted like cold vinegar.
We also found the local "Blockbuster....

and a few local artistic pieces of work...

(Does anyone else think that's a rendition of Kevin Costner's wedding??)

After our first town stroll we made our first dinner :).
Yes, we are snapping pictures of our daily dinners.  We're trying to eat healthy (which we kind of don't have a choice around here) and lose weight.
We're trying to post daily now that we have the interest connected, so check back tomorrow where we'll be posting our Memorial Day celebration pictures and Nick's first day of class!
Nick and Christina

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