Saturday, May 30, 2015

Super Saturday!

Today was a good day for golf!
We golfed at Woodstock Inn and Resort (a Robert Trent Jones course).

Driving range for 30 minutes...

 (on the right)
Then we had your normal, RTJ course of lots of sand and water. Lots o' sand.

Yes, that's a broken tee folks...booyah.

Nick's best shot of the day!!

This is me in my Tiger Woods red and finger tape...booyah #2.

Very pretty course but narrow and not quite what I expected for the price.

For dinner we ended up stopping at Worthy Burger's mother ship Worthy Kitchen in the town of Woodstock..who knew?

I mean, check out the local farmers list, amazing, you know where all of your food is coming from!!

I had a brisket melt and Nick had the Worthy Bomb.  A Worthy Bomb consisted of a double burger with a piece of fried chicken in the joke!!

His bomb is the one with the lettuce.
We had a bottle of wine with a very catchy and familiar phrase, Horseshoes and Handgrenades.

Loved the label!  Yes, we are label wine buyers.

We then decided to drive back into Woodstock (beautiful, beautiful town) to have a drink at Bentley's. 

Very old building, 1867, was a hotel, burnt in a fire, rebuilt into another building, not a hotel (pictured above).  Very cool place, TALL drinks, but we paid for the tallness.  For an extra 10 dollars, we could have "spun the wheel" but we passed, spinning the wheel was not in the budget.

Now the hot, hot, hot sticky day is done, I had half of a cold and salty pickle (even though I'm not hungry at all, they're just THAT good) and I'm posting the total scores for golf decide who won :).

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