Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day and Nick's First Day of Class

Before I get to anything else, I have to post these pictures I took on the interstate today......

Yes, it says Moose Crossing.  I have evolved from deer to moose.  As I was driving after taking the picture I kept thinking to myself, wow, that would totally mess my car up if I hit a moose going 75 miles per hour.  Then look who shows up!!

Seriously. A moose, running pretty fast across the interstate, I might add.
I did pull over as I took the pictures:).

On a more patriotic note, we learned on Monday there was going to be a Memorial Day parade.  We were so close to the action we heard the band starting things off...or should I say headlining the parade, or maybe the only thing in the parade.  I'm sorry, I take that back, there was also firefighters marching (with a pretty nifty banner) and a Royalton Recreation league.
The parade continued into a very touching ceremony given by a member of an American Legion and the local pastor.  Taps was also played and a 21 gun salute.

Plus, here's our lovely dinner Memorial Day dinner....

:Nick's first day of class was so exciting, I felt like a Kindergarten parent!
Plus, they have a pretty cool book store that I couldn't wait to get into.  ( I love my trinkets!)

Here is Nick walking down from the bookstore to his class....

Nick wanted me to post this brief description of his class because a lot of people are asking.  It's not basket weaving, people, it's serious business. (lol)

And here is my awesome Vermont Law School hoodie (cause I'm in law school, you know.).

Here's some cool pictures of Nick's campus we took on Sunday.

Tuesday was a big day for us, we got internet and Nick's phone line set up.  Had to wait while for the cable guy to show up, happens in every state I guess.  Thanks Dad, the phone is working great.  We had a great pasta for dinner with kielbasa sausage Nick picked up at the Downtown Pittsburgh Farmers Market we brought with us.

Yes, we are using a beach towel for a tablecloth in case you are wondering.  

Wednesday brought more exploring for me (Christina, if you had't guessed already).  I walked to different parts of this big town.  To not only see what else is going on around here, we're trying to lose weight.  Here's where I walked to....

The school.....aaaaahhhh, it burns, it burns!
This is actually the school you saw in the parade, South Royalton School, not a grade school or high school, mind you, just school.  Because it's a grade 1st-12th school.  We were wondering why some of the trumpet players were so little! Well, they were probably 9 or 10, that's why!

Here are some other hot spots in town.

I know, right? Beautiful.  I'm thinking about hitting the rocks Friday based on the weather forecast.
Here's another place I found:

Yes! A tattoo shop! South Royalton, population 694 has a tattoo shop, I mean, it's America right??

Speaking of America, we had good ole pizza for dinner.

It's healthy, look at all those veggies!!

Come back tomorrow to see the inside of our house!
Love and miss you all
Nick and Christina

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  1. Love the pics. Seems you guys are having a great time. Miss you