Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rainy Day Sunday

Sorry folks, nothing but rain to show today...

Not only that, but I just checked my Weather Channel app and it says it is currently 50 degrees! 
I feel like it's November.
Plus, there's 100 % chance of rain tomorrow with a high of 49 degrees. Yeah us!

But on a good note, it's Sunday which means our traditional breakfast/brunch of pancakes and bacon!

Nick brought bacon from Pittsburgh's downtown Thursday Farmer's Market so we decided to give it a try....

I had to guess at teaspoon/tablespoon measurements since we don't have measuring spoons but the pancakes turned out alright, not my best though.  We're not sure about the bacon, it was very thick and not too tasty, we were very surprised by the lack of saltiness.

That's all the pics for today :/.

Come back to read about tomorrow's adventures! I'm cleaning (because of the 100 % chance of rain),, doing laundry (again, the damn rain) and trying our the VLS gym.  But you'll get to see pics of the South Royalton bank because I need change for our coin operated washer and dryer.  ( I know, right?)

Love and miss you all.
Nick and Christina


  1. Blah... we are having a day like that today. A rainy Monday. We are all bored and tired!