Friday, May 29, 2015

Funday Friday!

I also bought homemade lavender bath salts and peppermint lip balm at the Farmer's Market yesterday.

The salts smell heavenly!
The super salty pickles I bought were even better today, they are absolutely amazing after spending the day in the fridge.

Here's my two favorite spots in South Royalton:

1.  The library

The library is beautiful, plus it has AC!!

Yes, it's a stack of books!
I haven't read a "book" book since I got my Kindle years ago and I thought, why not check a few books out?  My favorite author right now is Sarah Strohmeyer, she's super funny and quirky with her writing.  I've read about a character making a dieting pact with her friends and the current read is about a character with debt and is pinching pennies....who can't relate to those two topics?

My number 2 favorite spot is the river that's under the bridge driving into South Royalton.

As you can see, there's a semi-beach area.  I spent my entire day there!
And I loved every minute of it....

Yes, that is a super healthy turkey sandwich right there folks!
Not a bad way to spend lunch time.

I took a quick video so everyone can hear the waters....

I did get in a few times but the water was cold, cold, cold! But worth it!  

Dinner tonight is dedicated to our friends Tracy and Dan....taco night!

An all time fav!  And yes Tracy, I got two box tops out of the meal :).  Tossed a few chili pepper flakes in the with the seasoning, pretty darn good meal.

Have you ever tried opening a can of refried beans without a can opener?? Not fun.

Here's our selfie after dinner, we've eaten outside every night!

(I did get a lot of sun after spending 5 hours in it!)

Come back to read about our golfing adventure tomorrow at Woodstock Inn and Resort!

Love and miss you all!
Nick and Christina

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