Monday, June 1, 2015

Rainy Day Number 2!

Can you all believe it's June already??!! 
Wish we were seeing June weather in Vermont, all we're seeing is rain and Caitlyn Jenner all over the place.  (One looks waaaaay better than me in a corset and one looks like crap!)

So with this lovely weather, I drove Nick to school then came back to our house and slept til 10:00.  Yes, I'll admit it, 10:00.  I was up and down all night, so sleep was needed.
Walked all of 50 feet to the bank to get cash and a roll of quarters for laundry then walked all of another 30 feet to get diet coke (gotta have it, people).  Then I decided some bread for dinner tonight and an orange and cranberry scone from the market store were in order.  
Best scone ever! Realized I should of taken a pic, but it was already eaten :).
Mind you, it's still pouring the rain during all of this walking, so a scone was definitely needed.

Here's our shared laundry room.....

and here's the reason I needed 10.00 dollars in quarters...

$2.00 for a load to wash and $1.50 for a load to dry!  And I had 3 loads to wash, thank goodness the dryer is like a monster and I could split some of the drying time with different loads, so I have a few quarters left...but not many.

Did a few housekeeping chores, some computer work then  started reading a new book.  It's super funny because it's about a Texan debutante turned into a Boston lawyer, has to come home to help her mom get divorced and there's so many southern references, I'm loving the book.
For all of you soon to be summer readers out there, it's called the Ex-Debutante by Linda Francis Lee (even the author has 3 names, very southern).

Here's tonight's dinner, a sad repeat I'm afraid.....

chicken with a Caribbean Jerk marinade, couscous and spinach mix with a salad including farmer's market green tomatoes (they're still amazing).

Wine tonight came from the South Royalton market, or the "co-op", as the locals like to say.  It's a red blend with only 20% cab grapes so it's not as heavy as we are used to having a dinner.

Come back tomorrow where hopefully you'll see better weather but I just checked The Weather Channel app and it's calling for 60% chance of rain with a high of 57 degrees.  It's currently 57 degrees right now.  
Plan is to drive into Lebanon to grocery shop so I'll take some pictures of that town and share.

Love and miss you all,
Nick and Christina


  1. It's crappy here also. Hope I don't see Jenner or whatever it is. 3 more days. Yippee miss you

  2. I am loving your blog! Sounds like you are having a nice, restful stay. The rest of us here in the real world are exhausted though! Thinking of you and miss you.. and your end of the year cupcakes!