Thursday, June 4, 2015

Farmer's Market Thursday!

Everyone, everyone, the weather is perfect right now! 
South Royalton finally has their sh*& together and made the perfect weather day, not too hot, not too cold...amazingly perfect!

Went to the gym and I forgot to post the outstanding field across the street, in my view...

I plan on walking this grass field tomorrow instead of walking inside.

So, since it's Thursday, that means Farmer's Market Day!!

I think there was 10 tarps today instead of 8...exciting stuff people!!

Here is my FAVORITE tarp.  It's called Gizmo's Pickled Plus...I'm assuming the man on the left is Gizmo.

Look at that organization people...he has any jam, jelly or pickled vegetable you want.  He also informed me today, he ships all year for a flat 20 dolla.  

Dad, guess what, I'm shipping some stuff next week (our last Thursday in Vermont) to you so get ready!

Today I purchased, some Saltly Dog pickles, again (yes, people again, they're that addicting).  Bought Nick some kind of picked eggs and some dried Basil.  See the word BASIL on the bag, it's basil, people, I swear.

So at 5:00 we walked over to Worthy Burger so Nick could meet up with some other distance learners who are here taking classes for the summer.

I ordered the Worthy Burger (always pink in the middle) with blue cheese and bacon.  Nick order the Worthy Burger with smoked feta, jalapenos and red peppers.  

We split the basket of fries.

The best burger I've had, hands down. 100% grass fed beef and it was soooooo good, I can't begin to tell you.  My burger had a slice of blue cheese...slice! Who has heard of a slice of blue cheese? Not me!  The beer in the middle of the combo was called Conehead out of the Burlington Brewery which we are taking a tour of on Saturday, no golf, just touring breweries.  We'll see more pics of that on Saturday.

Love and miss you all,
Nick and Christina


  1. Looks like another great day in Vermont. It is beautiful here in WV. We are missing you!

  2. Love the market and food looks great