Saturday, June 6, 2015

Simple Saturday

I find it hard to believe we've been here, in South Royalton, Vermont, for two weeks.
With only one week left!

The day started off cold and windy.  The sun finally peeked out but with the wind, it was still a cold 65-68 degrees all day.  
Here's a pic of the town square, complete with flowers, on my way to meet Nick after his library studies today...

We watched some golf, live from the Memorial (one of my favorite tournaments, yeah Beth!!) in Dublin, Ohio.
Remember, no cable here at the house, just internet and phone.  So live TV is nice every once in awhile.

All I have to say about the golf today is this...

Tiger Woods...DFL (yeah, Beth, dfl!).  Dead last.  I watched the replay of his golf today and I could of swore that was me a guy...with darker skin.  He played sand to sand, just like me!  

Here's a picture of our lovely steak dinner..

with baked potato, garlic cauliflower, salad and rosemary garlic bread.  Good stuff.
That's a wine called Sawbuck, which was a crossword puzzle clue I had last week.
(Did I tell you faithful readers I'm like a crossword savant since I've been here?) 

Here's the sunset pics I took on the walk home from the wine run...

Other than the pics posted above, not much else going on today.

Come back and read tomorrow...I have a special surprise I'm announcing tomorrow!  (You'll love it Lori Joyce, we've talked about it all day!!)

Love and miss you all,
Nick and Christina

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