Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finally Some Sun Wednesday!

Forgot to post this from yesterday.  When I walked across the Chelsea Street Bridge to check out the water levels, I stumbled across a new construction area.  It looks like South Roayalton Town Offices are getting a makeover...ohlala.

They're going from this...(brick building on the right hand side, first floor of the library)

to this....

Even though construction has barely started, looks like an improvement to me!

We actually had sun today! Yeah!

The day started out with a quick facetime call to my kinders (hehehe...blogger lingo Joycester).
It was great seeing the class and wishing them all to have a happy summer.  
I missed them for about 2 I watched them squirm, and talk, and not sit on their bottom, and everyone talking at once.  Regardless, it was good seeing them all. (and one of my students cried when I hung up she missed me that sweet!)

So I went to the Vermont Law School gym today and I must say, it's an impressive little place!

Separate room for aerobics...oh wait, it's yoga around here.

Good looking sound system! 

Our membership came at no charge since Nick is paying dollas ( it not dollars because it's a lot) for a Master's degree and since I'm his "partner" I got my own little card.  Not sure why the lady insisted I circle partner instead of spouse when I signed the paperwork to get the card.  Thanks, Caitlyn, for looking so much like a woman I must look like a man to be a "partner".
Anyhow, 40 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes biking was enough for me for the day.

Tonight's dinner included pork, broccoli, salad and garlic bread.

Tomorrow's Thursday which means you'll see pics of the 8 tarps that make up the South Royalton Farmer's Market...yeah, more pickles (I ate the last one today).

Love and miss you all,
Nick and Christina

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