Friday, June 12, 2015

Final Friday!

This is the view right from our front porch.
It's our final Friday in Vermont!!
I have mixed emotions, sad but glad at the same time.

My plans for today were to walk down to the beach/river area to get some final Vermont sun.
Look what I saw on the way there...

Yes, faithful readers, it's a new sign!
With the added words, "Don't Change History".
Well, folks, I just was informed of what's going on by my husband who doesn't read our own blog and has no clue about the signs....of course.
This planter, in the middle of a street 4 way intersection, is a water tub.  What's a water tub you ask? 
It originally was filled with water for horses! (I'm assuming when we had horses to ride vs. cars to drive).  Nick found a petition in one of the stores in downtown SoRo to keep this historical water tub instead of removing it.  So the petition explains the weird signs. The sign planter wants it to stay as well.  Mystery solved!

My beach/river trip was short lived.  
But I did notice a very interesting butterfly gathering...

If you look closely at the last picture, you can see about 6-8 butterflies gathered around, having a party.  Not sure what they were doing, I'm assuming eating some seafood (lol).
But I didn't stay long to observe, the sky clouded up after being by the water for about an hour so, off to home I went.

Nick heard from someone at VLS (Vermont Law School for our new, again) about a new brewery in Tunbridge, about 20 minutes away.  This is across the Chelsea Street bridge in a direction we haven't been, so why not check it out.

This is what we found....

Kid you not, readers, this is a brewery...not an old, run down house/plane crash.  A functional brewery! Who would have thought?  I wish I took pictures of the road leading up to this place, then maybe you would have understood a little better our surprise.
Here's the inside too...

Yes, that is our guest blogger sitting right there.

We tried a few brews, then bought a growler of some very local pale ale and were off.


Took us awhile to get around the mud and the dog...who did not move one inch while Nick was driving by.  Btw:  the beer we bought was name after this dog, Stack O' Lee (I know, right?).
Even though I'm poking fun, the brewery was delightful and the beer was very good.

So, onto dinner.
We stopped a highly recommend tavern called Fox Stand.

Here's the inside...

Very quaint, very old building with a limited menu.  We were thinking typical bar/tavern food. 
No, not at all.  They asked if we had reservations!  Which, we did not but we got a table on the "tavern" side.

Nick ordered some kind of meatball appetizer, which were like a Swedish meatball, not what we're used to, for sure, nevertheless, they were good.

I ordered a pulled chicken dish, Nick ordered hake, which was a fish.

As you can see, I took the picture a little too late, because Nick's hake is already gone.  
He said it really didn't have a taste.  
Looking at my pulled chicken bowl (yes, I said bowl), I felt like I was at Midevil Times and needed to eat with my hands and wipe my mouth with my arm.  It all came together in one big stew, kinda sorta, pile.  It was good, but not something I would rave about.  So far, Nick said his favorite meal here was the hot dog from the Lake Sunapee Bank customer appreciation day.  Then I reminded him of the Worthy Bomb (double grass fed burgers with the fried chicken in the middle) and he changed his mind :).

But then guess what happened!
This people....

Do you recognize who it is??!!

It's our pickle guy, Gizmo!
(His name is really Verne, Gizmo is his joke.)
I feel like we were in the presence of a celebrity (not really, but kinda). 
As much as I bought off of him yesterday, I paid for that dinner he's eating!!

As for his dinner partner, the pictured lady owns the Royalton Bed and Breakfast and makes the quiches at the SoRo Farmer's Market and they share the stand together.

This all seems a little sketchy to me, especially since I saw them TASTING EACH OTHERS FOOD! I mean, who does that if you're not on a date or married??
But, I don't know all the details, so I'm not going to make assumptions, even though he told me last week his wife was in California "buying spices".  Go figure.

Love and miss you all,
tomorrow is our last day here, come back to read all about it,
Nick and Christina

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  1. You're going to miss that place. Pics were all great.