Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last Farmer's Market Thursday!

Since I did not blog last night (our wonderful guest blogger, Nick Boudreaux had the honors) I want to share a picture I took yesterday on the way to the gym.

The sign reads, "I'm happy here, learn to drive, let me survive."  I actually saw the guy sticking the sign in the ground!   I'm guessing a lot of people hit this planter, which I will say, is in a weird location.  Right in the middle of a no stop sign 4 way intersection. No wonder it keeps getting hit!
But today on my way to the gym, I saw this sign in the planter, (minus the homemade sign)...

Looks like this has been a habitual problem!

Our Thursday pictures are of Valley Fest, right in SoRo's town square.

This is not the high school Memorial Day band, this is the South Royalton town band, directed by an 80 year old gentleman...

I didn't get to see all of the vendors under the tent (insert sad face) however, I did get to stop at our favorite pickle guy and pick up lots of treats to take home and disperse!

So Nancy, mom and dad, you're getting some good treats as soon as I get home!

Dinner tonight was compliments of 5 Olde Tavern and Grille.

Even though I love our home cooked dinners on the porch, I do not love doing the dishes.  The very thought of cooking and doing dishes tonight was just not making me happy (it got very warm here today, like, so we decided on our favorite corner spot.  I will have to say, I'm going to miss all the craft beers on tap.

Tomorrow the weather looks like a promising warm and sunny day, so I'm heading off for the river/beach, which means, no gym (insert happy face)!!

Love and miss you all,
leaving Sunday,
Nick and Christina

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