Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No Rain Tuesday!

Thank God, no rain today! Two days straight is enough for anyone.

First thing this morning I get a picture of this....

I know, right?? A Birthday cake for Terri and I.  A Bonnie Belles for our summer birthdays.   This student knows how much Terri loves Bonnie Belles (plus it's her b-day today) and sent this into school today...and I missed it!!  How sweet!  This Mrs. Bou"b"reaux loved it.  Super great student and I'm going to miss him when he goes to first grade.

Then the day continued with a trip into Lebanon, New Hampshire, which is about 20 minutes away.  
I've been to this Wal-Mart more times than I would like to admit.  (Hey, they have a Dunkin' Doughnuts right in the store.  So that translates into "I get an iced coffee" when I go.  No Starbucks anywhere near us.)

As you can tell by the clouds, still cold here for June! It was around 49 degrees when I ventured out.

One of the common grocery stores is a Price Chopper.  I crack up every time I think of this name in my head because I think of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, "Get to da choppa!" from the movie Predator....so it's just a weird thing I keep saying in my head..."Going to da choppa!" (I swear, I'm sober...lol)

After the trip, the sun came out, finally! So I took a quick walk around some different streets and look what I found...

Yes, folks. a kinda-sorta chicken coop...right in town!
Not sure if these were college folks, but who knows, wouldn't be surprised if they were.

So I decided to walk across the bridge that brings you into South Royalton ( yes, Nick, I went across the bridge).

Look at the difference in water levels from Friday pictures...

You can't even see the rocks in the middle.

My beach spot of almost covered up!

Also I noticed this...

makes me think it's a newer bridge.

On my way back into town I went on a scavenger hunt to find this football field and playground I keep seeing...here it's the back end of the South Royalton School that's on the other side of town.

Here's what a PK-12 school looks like...

I noticed their PK's last day is June 4th with Family Day Friday for K-5 on June 5th...so I'm guessing their last day is this Friday.

Right across from the school, I took pictures of the community garden.

I'm guessing anyone in the town can garden here.  But, by the looks of it, not sure that's happening.

Nick and I just had dinner...it was a gourmet feast, let me tell you...

Hot dogs!  Yes, hot dogs and wine. You are seeing correctly.  It was delish, they were Nathan's.

Tomorrow, I'm face-timing my kiddos (hehehe, Lori Joyce...kiddos) for a "have a great summer" phone call, hopefully it will work.

Love and miss you all,
Nick and Christina


  1. Oh you are funny, Christina! How about face timing your "Kiddos" during bus duty?!!! Molly needs someone to talk to! Oh.. and Family Day at the PK-12 school... don't get any ideas!

  2. Kids enjoyed seeing you. Molly crying